Out of This World Tickets was created out of a love of attending concerts and sporting events. Out of This World Tickets was officially established in 2007 and is a registered business with the State of Maryland. We are a secondary ticket re-seller, ticket broker, by trade and have been growing each year since the beginning. Out of This World Tickets is not affiliated with any Venue, Box Office, or primary ticketing agency.

We formed the consignment division to help other brokers grow their businesses. Over time we have adapted to also do that for consumers who may have tickets they can no longer use or season tickets where they can’t attend all games. Many exchanges require hurdles to list that many brokers and consumer don't want to deal with. We handle all those hurdles for you, making sure you are never treated like the 'little guy.' We take out all the hassle that sometimes accompanies selling on larger exchanges while still giving you access every exchange for maximum exposure. Over the last 10+ years this division has helped 1000s sell their tickets and 100s of brokers grow their business, some from a very small operation to selling in excess of $10,000,000 per year. We are here to serve you and sell YOUR tickets!

Our technology allows us to take all your listings, no matter how you list, with no extra work to you. We want to make the sales as easy as possible, the only work you have to do is deliver the tickets.

Thank you!
-OOTWT Consignment Team