Q: What do I need to do to get started?

A: Just head to the registration page, choose broker or consumer, and you can sign up. Once you’ve inputted your information your login will be setup, you’ll receive an email once complete, and you can begin adding your inventory the same day.

Q: I’m just a consumer, how does this help me?

A: Listing tickets in a single place (i.e., Stuhub or eBay) doesn’t give you the maximum exposure. Listing with us allows your tickets to show on every major exchange and 1000s of sites across the web. This exposure allows you to find your customer faster and realize the highest price possible.

Q: I have season tickets and want to sell some of the games, can you help?

A: Yes, 100%. We have many customers for whom we sell part of their season tickets. Our added exposure gives you more of a change to sell every game.

Q: How do I get my tickets listed?

A: We have three options. Our Stubhub SYNC is the easiest for ‘up and coming’ brokers. Here we can mirror your listings automatically and create more exposure. There is also a manual entry where you fill in the form fields, you can upload your spreadsheet (we provide the template), or if you are on a POS system, we can take that export file too.

Q: What does it cost?

A: There is no upfront cost. We charge a fee of 15% on all sales, which is deducted from your payment. The 15% includes all fees charged by the exchanges. You send us a ticket at $100, you get $85 no matter where it sells.

Q: Can I keep my tickets listed elsewhere while doing consignment with you?

A: You are free to keep your tickets listed anywhere you wish while they are on consignment with us. However, you must notify us immediately if they sell elsewhere so we can remove them from our Point of Sale and avoid any chance of double selling.

Q: Can I sell Will Call Only Tickets?

A: Yes, as long as you will be there in person to pick up and deliver the tickets you can sell will call only events.

Q: Can I sell Paperless Events?

A: Yes, you can sell paperless tickets but you will be required to handle the walk ins on the night of the event.

Q: Do I have to have my tickets in-hand to list them with you?

A: No, tickets can be listed with an in-hand date set in the future. If they sell before they are in-hand, we’ll remind you when that date is approaching to ensure the tickets ship on time.

Q: Are my tickets guaranteed to sell?

A: No, unfortunately we can’t guarantee your tickets will sell but our additional exposure will generate more sales.

Q: How do I ship tickets?

A: That depends. If they are e-tickets or mobile, you can email/transfer them to us and we’ll handle the shipping/delivery. If they are hard tickets, we will email you a FedEx or UPS label and you’ll have to drop it in any FedEx/UPS box the day you request the label.

Q: Why do you require a credit card on file?

A: We only store your card in case of issues. If you can't deliver tickets or there is an issue with a sale we may be required to charge your card to complete the transaction. You will always receive communication from us before your card is charged and have an opportunity to sort it out, pre charge.

Have other questions? Please Contact Us!